Life under the Big Sky

Hi, friends!

Adam and I have been settling into our new home of Bozeman, MT for about 2 months now! Crazy. And I finally feel like we are coming up for breath (i.e REST) and really feeling more at home, which is exactly why this blog is making its debut today.

As Adam headed out with Bob Dylan (our puppy boy) on a hike on this rainy Saturday morning, I slowly woke up and headed to the neighborhood sandwich shop for their morning breakfast burrito special. So with a happy and full belly, and true wi-fi that totally beats our hotspot at home, its time to give y’all a good update on our life these days under the Big Sky!

listening to: Due to the nature of my new job, where I sew backpacks all day, I have been listening to lots of podcasts and yoga-y playlists. A fave weekly podcast listen – The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey

baking: granola — with walnuts and a mix of maple syrup and honey. so good.

amazed by: The weather. Apparently its been a “long spring” out here or “mild summer.” It snowed in June. And now in lateJ uly it is still raining occasionally, which is apparently very rare by this time. It cools down every evening, we open up our windows because A/C is unheard of here (not complaining!), and wake up to brisk mornings. It is truly awe-some! Especially for a Georgia girl that is used to living in tanks and gym shorts for 5 months of the year.

soaking up: the temperatures! but also, hiking after work, the warm sunshine, the clear skies, the long days of natural light, and taking Bob Dylan without having to bundle up!

wearing: scarves and socks! like what? but the mornings and evenings are chilly and those two extra “layers” do the trick. it’s so cozy.

moving: I found a yoga studio that I really like! And what’s funny and totally reflective of the culture differences between here and fast-paced hustling Atlanta, is that even yoga classes here that are described as more challenging don’t hold a candle to the intensity of Atlanta’s classes. And honestly, I am all about it. It is way less competitive and just more “feel good.” It’s good to be a Montana yogi 🙂

reading: call us goobers but Adam is determined to have me love Harry Potter, so we have been trading off reading it to each other before bed on the nights that we don’t watch an episode of the office or new girl. it’s fun.

feeling loved by: call and texts from friends and family checking in on us!

adventuring: so much adventuring! its almost overwhelming how much there is to see and do outside. a favorite of late is Fairy Lake, the trail up to it isn’t that exciting but once you get there… JAW DROP (see below). we are also floating a river tomorrow and I am very excited about that!

experiencing: fly fishing for the first time! we were taken by some Atlanta friends who came to visit and gosh it was fun! and even if I didn’t catch any fish, the views on the Yellowstone River would have been satisfying enough!

learning: so many things… another post soon on this topic. but in the meantime, I am learning that when you become very aware that you are not in control of your life, you can be sure that the Maker hasn’t left His throne and rest in peace knowing that He has been steering your boat all along.

excited about: getting back into knitting! headed to this cutie yarn shop after this to get some supplies!

thankful for: Adam, for being my steady earthly rock and always looking to the promises and provision of the Lord. and Jesus, for knowing me fully and still loving me without end. Them two, are too good to me!

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