january: baby boy is coming!

People keep saying that January feels like the longest month ever, but I am feeling like how in the world is it already January 30th!?

Maybe it’s because my January has been full of back to back movement and new things and serious to-do lists and a brain full of what still needs to happen before baby boy comes!

We started off the new year celebrating our 2nd wedding anniversary that we both slightly forgot about on the actual day, so we headed to a new-to-us brunch spot in town and had the most delicious meal to celebrate on New Year’s Day. I got to have a few days of rest, in which I devoured two novels like a mad women, being totally swept up in the stories! It was a nice way to ease into January! Soon enough I got back to work for Young Life and nannying a few days a week and then the baby gifts started rolling in! It has been so much fun to open everything, work on finding a place for it (still in progress), and imagining using it with our BABY BOY! And before I knew it, it was time to pack up and head back to Atlanta for my big and wonderful baby shower!

All things nesting have been on my mind since returning from my baby shower in Atlanta! The reality that we are having a baby (and very soon) has hit as I have washed all of his clothes, blankets, and cloth diapers, and as we’ve read his books and assembled his stroller. It is a really sweet and exciting time – he feels so close to being here in our everyday lives, yet we still have this unknown amount of time to dream about him and prepare for him and enjoy the days with him still inside my belly. My to-do list is long , full of the things that NEED to happen before he comes and things that I just WANT to happen before he comes, but as I tend to get overwhelmed or worn out I am reminding myself that each task is such a privilege and a joy! It is a gift to be bringing him into the world. It is a gift to have a carseat that needs installing, hospital forms that need filling out, and baby clothes that need to be washed and put away.

As I write this post, I am 36 weeks pregnant. I run out of breath far too quickly and I am wiped at the end of a day, but I am so grateful to have carried this life for 36 whole weeks. A couple of my fingertips are numb (due to all the extra fluid) and my daily walks are definitely decreasing in distance (hello back pain!) but those are tiny setbacks in the bigger and brighter story of bringing our son into the world. Friends have been saying to me lately, well the great news is that no matter when he comes now, he will be safe! Yes, amen! What a blessing that he has been growing away and becoming strong for all of these weeks. I am not taking any of it for granted.

Today I got to put together our changing table drawer and I just can’t believe it is going to be put to use so soon. Y’all newborn diapers are the tiniest, most precious lil’ things! I mean gosh, they are going to fit my little guy. It’s crazy. Also, I am really excited about venturing into cloth diapering once we get a rhythm going with him. I have always been interested in cloth diapering, and once I found the Esembly brand of cloth diapers I was sold. Adam is definitely hesitant about this, but we are going to give it our best shot and I’m hoping the practice will stick. 🙂

Our plan for the weekend is to install the carseat, hang art and a shelf over the changing table, and for me to get going on a few freezer meals/snacks! I think nesting/prepping for a baby to come is right up an Enneagram One’s alley, since we love a to-do list and any reason to create order and systems hah! I am having so much fun getting everything READY to bring our boy home.

so here is a smattering of sweet moments from January:

atlanta baby shower time with my girl Cath!
Bob Dylan getting to know my Boppy pillow and sniffing all the blankets
slow, steady, and oh so peaceful trail walks with Bob Dylan while Adam skis!
35 week bump-date!
changing table drawer – loaded with cloth diapers, diaper balm, wipes, and newborn disposables. be still my heart! and oh, heyyy baby bump!
Adam and I documenting his very long Montana man hair! He heads to get it chopped off today.

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