Books I read in 2020:

I read the most books I’ve ever read in one year in 2020! Considering our baby Huck came into the world in late February and I didn’t open a book for a few months (hello, newborn sleepy days/survival mode), I feel pretty proud that I read more than I did in 2019. I found that the key to reading more was not taking a break between books so that the momentum stayed strong. Reading on my kindle was another game changer in my reading. I would read while nursing Huck, while he was sleeping on my chest, and in bed after the light was out. One handed reading for the win!

I also was able to hone in a little more on what kind of books I really love to read! I truly like all of the books on this list and I set down any book I started and wasn’t truly enjoying, which felt really good. Reading for fun should be FUN – hah! obvious i know, but important for someone who like to get through a book just so they can add it to a list. So, I bought into that truth this year and every book was FUN 🙂

Here is my list in the order I read them in:

  1. Where the Forest Meets the Stars by Glenda Vanderah (Fiction)
  2. The Last Romantics by Tara Conklin (Fiction)
  3. Harry’s Trees by Jon Cohen (Fiction)
  4. In Pursuit of Love by Rebecca Bender (Christian Non-Fiction)
  5. The Swan House by Elizabeth Musser (Historical Fiction)
  6. Gay Girl, Good God by Jackie Hill Perry (Christian Non-Fiction)
  7. Love Lettering by Kate Clayborn (Romance, Fiction)
  8. What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty (Fiction)
  9. Evvie Drake Starts Over by Linda Holmes (Romance Fiction)
  10. The Guest List by Lucy Foley (Romance/Thriller Fiction)
  11. Beach Read by Emily Henry (Romance, Fiction)
  12. Last Train to Key West by Chanel Cleeton (Historical Fiction)
  13. Humble Roots by Hannah Anderson (Christian Non-Fiction)
  14. The Maze Runner by James Dashner (Fiction)

Gosh, I am sitting here trying to pick my FAVES and they all really were so enjoyable to me! But for the sake of narrowing it down and encouraging you to pick one of these up this year, here are my top picks.


  • Where the Forest Meets the Stars by Glenda Vanderah: I read this book a whole year ago and I still remember so much of it. The characters in this book are wonderful, intriguing, and well developed. The plot kept me SO engaged. It felt real, but also magical and charming. There is a little romance involved, but it the most tasteful way. I want to read another book just like this one.
  • Last Train to Key West by Chanel Cleeton: This book convinced me that I really dig historical fiction, especially when it is set in America. You follow the stories of three different women and by the end of the book you see how they are all related — it’s shocking and so satisfying! I want to read more of this author’s books this year!


Humble Roots by Hannah Anderson

So I only read 3 non-fiction books and I would highly recommend them all. Humble Roots by Hannah Anderson absolutely rocked me. I need to read it every year – especially on the years that I bring home a new baby. It is all about how humility leads to rest, deep soul reviving REST. It is so full of truth, wisdom and beauty. It is unlike a lot of Christian self-help-y type books. Hannah can really write and uses what she knows about the natural world of her small town in Appalachia to draw strong metaphors that I really connected with.

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