the good list. jan 2021

1. HAIR-CHOP! apparently this is a thing for mom’s with babies around a year old… your hair falls out because of postpartum hormone mess, which makes you sad, but then it slows down and all of a sudden you want a new do’! So i did it, chopped off a solid 4 inches and it feels SO GOOD.

2. the joy in this boy’s eyes. ask anyone that knows him and i will bet you they will say, “he is such a happy baby” at some point in the conversation, and it’s so true! Huck loves to smile, laugh, and play. getting him to giggle is one of life’s greatest joys of late. every night I thank God for the JOY He has put in his heart. i recognize the gift that he is and i some days i never want him to grown up. but as you do grow my boy, please keep laughing and reminding me that it is the best medicine this life has to offer.

3. sledding. I thought this would be a bad idea, i thought Huck would be pretty indifferent to it, i thought there were other (better) ways to spend my time on a saturday in winter in montana, i thought it was too cold… I WAS WRONG, yes sweet Adam, I admit it, you were so right and I was so wrong. Holy moly, sledding as a grown adult on gooood powder is so so FUN! I giggled like a little kid and felt like I was breathing major LIFE into my lungs. Huck loved it too, which was the sweetest thing to see and made me so excited to have this beautiful place to raise him in. We are going again this weekend and I can’t wait.

4. bible reading. reading the bible in 90 days is no easy feat, but gosh I am learning a ton and feel so excited to keep going! I have never read all of the bible. there are plenty of books that I have never even cracked open (hello, Old Testament!). My dear friend Lydia and I are doing this plan together. I couldn’t be more grateful for her encouragement. No, we won’t remember every detail of Leviticus or Numbers, but we are getting a very clear zoomed out picture of God’s story – His Good Story of redemption, albeit messy and wild.

5. copy-cat chipotle vinaigrette. this vinaigrette. Y’ALL it is so so good. I did swap the vinegar for fresh lime juice and the vegetable oil for a mix of avocado and olive oil, but maybe that just made it even better!? I could almost drink it. We used it for these big mexican salads we made with black beans, chicken, corn, avo, sweet potato chips, lettuce, and cheese. So basically, what I am saying is this vinaigrette changed my life and I will shout it from the dang rooftops!

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